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Passing the NCLEX is the last significant test you must pass to become a USRN. With so much information available, it could be challenging to determine which sources are trustworthy for your NCLEX preparation. On the internet, you may find a ton of information about the NCLEX test, the application procedure, and test-taking strategies, but where should you start?

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of answers to the frequently asked questions about the NCLEX that will help you better understand the exam before you take it. 

1. What does NCLEX stand for?

The National Council Licensure Examination is the final step to becoming USRN. NCLEX is a standardized exam that proves nurses have the necessary knowledge, skills, and ability to provide high-quality healthcare in the United States of America.

2. What is the difference between NCLEX RN and NCLEX PN?

Many people are unaware that there are several NCLEX examinations. The NCLEX RN is designed for registered nurses with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN). The NCLEX PN is for those who hold licensed practical nursing (LPN) or authorized vocational nursing certification (LVN). The examinations change depending on whether an LPN or an RN works in a medical setting.

3. What does the NCLEX exam cost?

The NCLEX application fee varies by state and ranges from $750.00 to $1,750.00. The Board of Nursing in each state has its own set of NCLEX standards and exam costs.

4. What are the steps of the NCLEX Application process?

The application procedure for the NCLEX RN or NCLEX PN has several steps, and the average process for foreign-educated nurses consists of the following phases:

  1. Choose your preferred NCLEX state
  2. NCLEX Credential Evaluation
  3. NCLEX Eligibility Phase
  4. NCLEX Authorization to Test
  5. NCLEX Exam Scheduling
  6. Take your NCLEX exam
  7. Claim your NCLEX exam result
  8. Get your License or apply for a license application

5. Where does the NCLEX administer?

When you receive an ATT or Authorization to Test notification from your preferred Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX, you will schedule for the exam through Pearson VUE. The most convenient location for you can be found by searching Pearson VUE’s global network of testing centers on their website. You can take the NCLEX, a national exam, at any authorized testing facility across your local country and overseas.

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