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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. or NCSBN Inc. administers the National Council Licensure Examinations or NCLEX in the United States of America. They regulate more than 50 State Boards of Nursing and US Territories, which have their own NCLEX processes, requirements, fees, and qualifications. Many factors are considered in applying for NCLEX, such as level of education, work experience, and many more. And to get you started, let us walk you through first the NCLEX Application step-by-step process for Foreign-trained nurses.

8 Steps in Applying for NCLEX

1st Step: Choose the right state for you.

You must identify the state you are eligible to apply to based on your education level, working experience, and career goals to prepare the requirements before starting your NCLEX Application process since there are more than 50 SBONs in the USA. 

2nd Step: Apply for evaluation to the Nursing Board

Suppose the state you chose requires Credential Evaluation, but not all states require this phase. Credential Evaluation Service or CES, involves the evaluation of the candidates’ documents equivalence in terms of US education. 

3rd Step: Eligibility Application

It is to determine if you are eligible to take the licensure examination in the state you are applying to by the Nursing Regulatory Body or NRB.

4th Step: Authorization to test Registration

You will receive an Authorization to Test – ATT notification once the nursing regulatory body has determined that you are qualified. This will serve as notice that you are qualified to sit for the test.

Note: ATT validity varies per state.

5th Step: Exam Scheduling

Once your ATT approves, you can schedule the exam based on your preferred date within the validity of your ATT.

6th Step: Take your NCLEX

Bring one acceptable form of identification on your exam day and arrive at the testing center an hour before your scheduled time for admission. Arriving late and without your identification may lose your chance of taking the exam and submit a reapplication or re-register for ATT, or worse, do both.

7th Step: Claim your NCLEX Result

You can access the unofficial of your NCLEX results, two business days after taking your exam. However, results in the NCLEX Quick Results Service don’t authorize anyone to practice as a licensed/registered nurse. Only the NRB to which you applied can release your official results. 

8th Step: Apply for a license

Some SBONs will not issue a license after passing the NCLEX, requiring you to apply for it. You may apply via mail-in or online, depending on your Board of Nursing requirement.

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